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I see Cinema as a mode of expression more than the glamorous side of it. As a child, painting and sketching really fascinated me as it allowed me to tell a story. But I wanted to go beyond than just one painting. I wanted to say a story. I saw one of my friends edit a farewell video by combining several pictures of himself and his friends. It was beautiful and I kept wondering how do I get to do that? So when I saw an editing software infront of me I felt something I had never felt before. When I placed two clips one after another and saw the result of what I had just done when I played it back… it made me empowered. For the first time in my life I felt “this is where I belonged”. 

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First NSHM where I studied and understood film-making. I started taking up projects which helped me improve my skills. After a point, my edited films started winning in festivals. After my graduation, I did one short course on editing at Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI). We made a film called “PHERA” which kind off changed the way I approached film making. I started to take a more professional approach. I started getting more serious work from places. During the lockdown I made a film during and on quarantine called “Coffee” which reached the right people. I got approached to be a creative partner to a Strength & Conditioning Coach/Anchor Chinmoy Roy. We explored several avenues. Reached out to various sections in the game of Cricket. We covered young prodiges to local heroes to interviewing absolute Legends of the game of Cricket. Our episodes are informative and educational and are a must watch by all cricket lovers! You can find the links of our episodes on the “Films and Episodes” column. We started with Cricket World and have now expanded our work to SportsToday (India Today initiative). It is here I shot and edited renowned journalist Mr. Boria Majumdar. 

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After months of hard work, I produced and directed a short film called “House No.18”. And intend to produce and direct short films, films and web series’ and also continue to give you all amazing episodes on not only Crickets but other sports aswell. My team are a collaboration of talented units who provide me with their facilities that give my work an edge. You can learn more about my associations in “Associations” column. I hope you like our work. Stay glued to us and learn more about what we are coming up with next !

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